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Warranty Policy


Global Links offers a one-year warranty on all our goods and services with consumables and repairs excepted. Our warranty does not cover any physical, accidental or liquid damage or any damage caused by wear and tear or negligence and only covers defects developed during normal use. For further details, please contact us at or 01273 357687 or ask a member of staff.

Goods will be fully and fairly tested to verify any defects. If no defect is verified, then the item will be returned as is. If a defect is verified, we will first attempt a warranty repair. Warranty repairs can take up to seven-working-days but in some exceptional circumstances may take longer depending on the availability of parts. If a part can’t be sourced within fourteen-working-days, then we will issue a replacement instead. If an item is unrepairable or beyond economical repair then we will issue a replacement of either:

    1. The same model and condition.
    2. The same value at the time of warranty claim.


If no replacement can be issued, then a refund will be issued if the item is within thirty-days of its original purchase date at the time of warranty repair. To qualify for a refund or exchange:

    1. Proof of purchase must be verified.
    2. The item must be in an “as purchased” condition.
      1. If the product is not in an “as purchased” condition, then an amount will be deducted according to the current item condition and value.
    3. If an item is not within thirty-days of its original purchase date, but is still within its one-year warranty period, then an exchange voucher will be issued


It is the customer’s responsibility to back up data before any repair, as we cannot guarantee against loss of data during repair. Any accessories (such as SIM cards, memory cards, chargers) are also left at the customer’s own risk. All items that are left with us are solely at the customers’ risk. We will not be held responsible for theft, loss or damage whatsoever.

While every care will be taken to repair the item(s), there is always a risk of device failure. We will not accept any responsibility for failed repairs or consequential mechanical, electronic or software failure. The customer is urged to assess risks prior to instructing Global Links to proceed with the repair. We will obtain permission before ordering any part(s) required on the customer’s behalf.

All items must be collected within ninety-days of their completion date; the customer will be contacted on this day. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the items are collected within this ninety-day period. If the item(s) are not picked up within this ninety-day period then Global Links will sell, recycle or dispose of these item(s) to recover costs.

Estimated repair completion times are only estimations and do not guarantee a repair will be completed within the given period, although every effort will be made to adhere to estimations. Please allow extra time for repairs during weekends, public and bank holidays.

Our repairs carry a thirty-day warranty. In the unlikely event that your item(s) become faulty within this period, please return the item along with the proof of repair and we will assess any fault(s). If the fault(s) are found to be caused by or related to the initial repair(s), then further repair(s) will be carried out free of charge.

We will attempt repair(s) on your item(s) up to two times after the initial repair(s), if the item(s) is still faulty then a full or partial refund will be issued, dependent on circumstances.

If the item(s) have further fault(s) not related to the initial repair(s) or part(s) not replaced in the initial repair(s), then we will contact the customer to inform of any additional costs.

Please note our warranty is immediately void if the device has liquid damage, physical impact damage or has been tampered with by a third party. We put dated security stickers overs screw(s) so we can tell if someone else has been inside. The device needs to be returned to us intact and in the condition that we gave it back to you.